Guide to Specifications for THK Construction

The specifications may be subject to change. 

Final specifications are provided with a firm quotation.



125 - 150 CCA treated Gum Pole.

Note - Post height is calculated to range from 0.5m to maximum of

1.5m above ground level.

Bearers: As per SABS Code 082 - Safety
Joists: As per SABS Code 082 - Safety
Stairs: 6 Tread Stair cases are allowed for with rails to both sides.
Floor: 22mm x 102mm tongue and groove pine flooring for inside the house.

Flooring will be lightly sanded and sealed with an approved floor sealant,

if internal linings are taken.

Alternatively, the purchaser must complete the floor.

Please note that due to the nature of timber there can be various degrees

of contraction and expansion of joints which vary from climate to climate

and from place to place.

This can result in "gaps" forming between joints.  To avoid this, various

additional options are available and can be quoted on request.
(These options include a ply-board sub-floor)


22mm thick CCA treated pine decking for veranda area.

Silkwood Penetrating Oil is supplied for two coats.

Wall Panels - Conforming to SABS Code 082

External Wall Panels:

38/114 CCA treated pine frames 2.4m in height with 22mm CCA

treated log profile cladding to the outside of the frame.No internal

cladding to the frame.

Panels supplied unpainted with Penetrating Oil provided for two

coats to the outside once the building is erected.

Vapor membrane: Enviro Tuff Sisalation fitted between cladding and frame.
Bracing: 19/76 CCA Treated bracing included.
Internal Wall Frames: 38/114 CCA treated pine frames with bracing.
No internal lining included for these panels.
Nogging: Both external and internal frames have one rows of noggings.
Doors and Windows:

Meranti Full Pane or Aluminium.

Frame timber (eg. Lintels and Sills) is included where doors and

windows are to be located
NB - Burglar bars and security doors are excluded.


Structure: Louvre hip to Louvre hip = 26 degree pitch.
Roof Covering:

Colorbond - The purchaser may choose the colour.

Roof Trimming: Nu Tec Fascia and Barge Boards.

Additional Material

Fasteners: Hurricane clips, nails, threaded rod and screws included.

Loose 22mm CCA treated decking is supplied to cover corners and

joints between the panels.

38/114 and 38/152 timber included to support the roof over

veranda as required.

Log Cladding:

Loose log cladding is supplied to cover the floor joists around the

bottom of the panels.

Log board and 38/76 CCA treated timber is included to beam fill

above the wall panels.

Treatment: Penetrating oil for two coats on the outside of the house.

Internal Material

Ceiling: Rhino Ceiling 9mm painted white.
Finished off against the wall with Rhino Cornices.
Wall Linings: Dry Wall 12mm skim jointed and painted one colour throughout.
Skirting: Meranti/Pine
Meranti Stained or Pine Painted.




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