What you need to know about treated wood in a nutshell.

In a nutshell, here is why wood is so important to us.

Wood has served the purpose of humankind since time immemorial. With the increased global focus of offsetting carbon emissions, and mitigating climate change, sustainable forestry and the subsequent wood products produced will play an increasing role in striving for a green economy.

We at Arch Wood Protection, are proud to play our role in preserving the future of our products.

Wood Facts:

1. Commercially grown pine and Eucalyptus species, are sourced from sustainably managed plantations.

2. Trees, as they grow, absorb carbon dioxide generated by industry, creating a carbon sink, whilst producing oxygen which is released into the atmosphere.

3. Wood sourced from sustainable plantations is carbon neutral, which elevates the position of wood products as responsible construction materials.

4. Substituting wood in construction for other building materials, is highly effective in reducing the carbon footprint of a building.



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